Vacuum Consumables

  • Peel Ply

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    Peel Ply

    1、Description Peel ply is a plain weave nylon fabric with red trace line,under scoured and heatset process. The surface is very clean and the fabric is very strong which gives perfect release property. The fabric can be coated also, mainly application in carbon fiber and...Read More

  • Breather And Bleeder Felt

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    Breather And Bleeder Felt

    1、Description Breather felt is for vacuum molding process, by the process of non-woven polyester fiber molding and heat setting makes a clean surface. with excellent breathability and fittness, it is very stable at high temperatures; it is for conventional vacuum bag molding...Read More

  • Infusion Media

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    Infusion Media

    1、Description Infusion media is a moderate-cost resin drainage media, widely used in vacuum infusion molding process, which can quickly penetrate the resin evenly to any part of the article, and squeezing the guide drift nets. 2、Properties of productsRead More

  • Perforated Release Film

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    Perforated Release Film

    1、Description Perforated Realease Film contacts with laminate directly, separating laminate and peel ply which has no release property. 2、Properties of productsRead More

  • Vacuum Bag Film

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    Vacuum Bag Film

    Vaccum bagging film is heat-stabilized,and co-extruded film which is modified from nylon resin.And they are widely used in wind power, ship-building industry and the forming of tank.Read More

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Butyl tapes and sealants are used to vacuum form composite laminates, while other vacuum consumables are used when molding large-scale composite components such as blades. For waterproofing blades and general turbine maintenance, Top Best sealants offer flexibility, primerless adhesion, short cure periods, and temperature resistance.
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