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product Model No

Mian Material



Place of  Origin

Vacuum bag tape 665 (room temperature) butyl 9003-27-4 BiPb

Shanghai, China

661 (medium temperature)
662 (high temperature)



Vaccum bag tape is developed for blade and aerospace industry,yacht industry, etc. Based on advanced technology, the products have high surface adhesion force on vacuum bag and a variety of tools. In the curing cycle it has excellent seal,andvery easy to remove from the cold or heating surface after the curing.


1)for airproofing between vacuum bags;

2)for airproofing between vacuum bag and composite tools suitable for middle temperature curing.


3mm×12mm×15m/roll, carton dimension 300×300×270mm .


1)Surface must be dry and clean (remove any moisture, grease and dust).

2)Butyl tape should be stored at room temperature and normal humidity, and keet away from sunshine and hot air.

3)One time application can make sure its best performance.

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