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  • Single-sided Waterproof Tape

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    Single-sided Waterproof Tape

    1、Description Single-sided waterproof tape is mainly made of butyl rubber, by adding other additives, through advanced processing technology we research out this kind of life-long water-proof self-adhesive tape. It can strongly bond to a variety of materials’ surface, show...Read More

  • Polyurethane Sealant

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    Polyurethane Sealant

    1.Description Polyurethane sealant is a kind of one-component polyurethane sealant and after reacting with moisture it will become one kind of permanently elastic material. And it can strongly stick to most traditional building materials. 2.Application areas It can be used...Read More

  • Bath Trim Tape

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    Bath Trim Tape

    1.Description Bath trim tape is a non-solidation self-adhesive sealing strip with a formulation of high quality rubber, plasticiser etc. The strip is suitable in many areas such as sealing with stones, sealing with ceramic tile etc. It is expandable, flexible, easy to adapt...Read More

  • Insulating Glass Hot Melt Butyl

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    Insulating Glass Hot Melt Butyl

    1.Description Insulation Glass hot melt butylis the first insulating glass sealant with permanent plastic.Based on its highairtightness andexcellentUV resistance,it can be asuperior anti-moisture system together with Silicone sealant or polysulfidesealant.In the...Read More

  • Self Adhesive Bitumen Membrane

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    Self Adhesive Bitumen Membrane

    1、Description Self-adhesive Bitumen Membrane is a self-adhesive membrane made of rubber. It is excellent in blocking water, air and noise. It never gets cured and has excellent property of elastic deformation, for which it can reduce the noise more effectively. Self-adhesive...Read More

  • TPO Self Adhesive Membrane

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    TPO Self Adhesive Membrane

    1、Description TPO Self-adhesive Membrane is the abbreviation of the word ‘thermoplastic polyolefin’. It is an excellent environmentally friendly product with long service life. TPO contains the advantages of PVC and EPDM and itself, accordingly which are weather resistance...Read More

  • EPDM Waterproofing membrane

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    EPDM Waterproofing membrane

    1、Description EPDM waterproofing membrane is made of EPDM rubber. It has the best performance among polymer waterproof materials. It also has a special performance that it will not separate and crack in regular building movement. EPDM has excellent performance on weather...Read More

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They are joint sealants for the construction industry including residential houses and industrial buildings, providing reliable, flexible and waterproof joints for a broad range of applications. They are used for waterproofing in windows, doors, roofs, etc.
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