TPO Self Adhesive Membrane

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TPO Self Adhesive Membrane TPO 75980-60-8 278-355-8 C22H21O2P Shanghai, China


TPO Self-adhesive Membrane is the abbreviation of the word ‘thermoplastic polyolefin’. It is an excellent environmentally friendly product with long service life. TPO contains the advantages of PVC and EPDM and itself, accordingly which are weather resistance and cold resistance for the former, plastic forming under high temperature for the later. Therefore, it has good mechanical properties, excellent workability, and high toughness. Its Shelf life is 12 months if put in a cool and dry place with original package.

2、Application Area:

TPO Self-adhesive Membrane is widely used in roofing and flooring. When you use it, first remove the release paper or film, then stick it to wherever necessary, and finally compress it tight. 

3、Product dimensions

1.2mmx2mx20m; 1.5mmx2mx20m; 1.7mmx2mx20m.

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