Electricity Comunication Products

  • Self Fusing Insulating Clay

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    Self Fusing Insulating Clay

    1、Description Self Fusing Insulating clay is one kind of self-fusing and conformable insulating mastic,Compatible with solid dielectric cable insulations.Adaptable with all kinds of cables,excellent weather resistance. 2、Application Area 1.Sealing for cable jointing,telecoms...Read More

  • Laminated Self Fusing Tape

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    Laminated Self Fusing Tape

    1、Description Laminated Self Fusing Tape is a based with butyl rubber compound from the melt adhesive tape, can provide reliable sealing for cables and excellent insulating performance.Using a wide temperature range,excellent weather resistance and waterproof sealing...Read More

  • Self Fusing Rubber Tape

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    Self Fusing Rubber Tape

    1、Description Self Fusing Rubber Tape is based on the material of epdm from melt adhesive tape, resistance to voltage under water and humid environment and volume resistivity keeps stable, free of falling off, bandaging, nice looking in appearance. 2、Application Area Used for...Read More

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Electronic grade and Industrial type adhesives and sealants function as durable insulation, excellent barriers against environmental contaminants, corrosion and moisture, and stress-relieving shock and vibration absorbers over a wide range of temperature and humidity.
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