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Characteristics of neutral sealant


1: no corrosive action on metals, mediastability.

2: strong adhesion, high tensile strength, andweathering resistance, vibration resistance, andprotection against moisture, odor-resistant andadapt to the characteristics of the largevariation of hot and cold

3: good resistance to UV light, ozone andweather resistant properties, able to adapt tochanges in external conditions losing seal.

4: neutral silicone sealant overcomes the acidcorrosion of metallic materials and siliconesealant reacts with alkaline materialcharacteristics

5: well populated parts of all defective and hasa good wetting of the surface.

6: once the contact with moisture in the airwill form a tough rubber-like solid material

7: good adhesion to most building materials withexcellent adhesion

8: surfaces are compact, flexible, have goodadhesion on metal surface and form a continuousfilm.

9: its not because of its own weight and flow,Shandong sealant can be used for top or sidewall joints without sagging, collapse or shed.

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