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Do you really know how to tell the truth from the fake waterproof tape?
Apr 24, 2018

Butyl rubber, IIR for short, is an acronym for Isobutylene Isoprene Rubber.It has good chemical stability and thermal stability, the most outstanding is air tightness and water tightness.Its transmittance to air is only 1 / 7 of that of natural rubber, and that of styrene-butadiene rubber is 1 / 5 of that of styrene-butadiene rubber, while the transmittance of steam is 1 / 200 of that of natural rubber, and that of styrene-butadiene rubber is 1 / 140.


waterproof butyl  tape


butyl tape

This material is difficult to be penetrated by the gas, used in waterproofing sealing is a piece of cake.What's even more frightening is its outstanding weather resistance.So how can such an excellent material tell the difference between its authenticity and falsehood?For this problem, we summarize the following differentiation methods:

  • smell

    First of all, the smell of the original butyl rubber is basically tasteless, and those slightly emulsion or bituminous taste of the material, mostly to reduce the cost of adding asphalt compound materials.

  • Color

    According to the color of rubber, the real butyl rubber is white and yellowish. In order to save the cost, most domestic manufacturers reduce the cost by adding asphalt, so the color also turns gray, or black.Of course, the cost is reduced, and the resistance to high and low temperature is also reduced.

  • Initial viscosity

    From the initial viscosity distinction, the so-called initial viscosity is the first time contact with the material, perceived viscosity.But the initial viscosity of real butyl rubber is not very high, as shown in the figure of the material looks good viscosity.But professionals can see that the addition of bitumen is also an addition to the emulsion at the first glance. However, in high temperature weather, especially in hot summer metal surface, the high temperature can reach 80 ℃, it often appears flowing phenomenon.Its durability is self-evident.

  • Aluminum foil surface

    The differentiation of aluminum foil surface , The most popular market at the moment is aluminum film and aluminum film composite non-woven cloth, two materials.

    Although the aluminum coating surface can compound a variety of color products, but because its material is not UV resistant, so the service life is usually no longer than two summers.In the end , you ' ll find that good looks can only attract your attention , but what customers ultimately want is quality.

    Let's talk about aluminized composite nonwoven fabrics.This seemingly complex double-layer composite surface, mainly represented as mesh surface butyl tape.Like aluminized colored surfaces, this seemingly superior mesh tape caters to an ignorant customer's desire for beauty, but ignores its impact on quality.


aluminum adhesive tape


alminum foil butyl tape

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