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Inspection check the seal coating process


1, pre-Assembly check the seals after thepretreatment for deformation and impactAssembly, to be preinstalled. To trim thedeformation of the sealing surfaces, sealing gapshould be uniform, gap between best in 0.1-0.2mmand maximum of 0.8mm to fit the seal Assembly.

Second, trimmed to remove excess glue side ofthe pressurized curing extrusion, improvingappearance quality. Trimming is not the rubberlayers.

Three, adhesive treatment immediately after,attention should be evenly. Common methodsinclude hand painting, spraying, roller coating,pressure, pressure and vacuum impregnation,dipping. One piece, a small amount of glue hand,using brush, spatula and wheel in variousshapes, large-area coating spray gun can beused, but the glue is much thinner. High-cutadhesive gap could be using the bet method.Casting in large quantities of glue pressure orvacuum impregnation method is used.

Four, pretreatment on the sealing surface of theobjective is to remove grease, paint, rust, anddust. Diesel fuel and gasoline are commonly usedcleaning fluid, precision or a small area ofmachine parts used acetone, acetic vinegar andbanana water wash solvent, sealing surface ofsodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, sodiummetasilicate and sodium alkali solutioncleaning. Ideal is treated withtrichloroethylene vapors. Patent leatheravailable flame blowtorch burned again with rustremover or the method of washing.

Five chemical treatment also aims to remove theoxide film, after chemical treatment of sealingsurface, form a dense and uniform new oxide filmand liquid infiltration, coupled with increasedsurface polarity, force significant salaryincrease. After chemical treatment, the sealingsurfaces need drying, drying time andtemperature must be strictly controlled, and do not keep long and drying immediately aftergluing.

Six, uniform inspection check whether theadhesive coating, thickness is consistent,complete curing. Testing of commonly usedmethods include ultrasound, acoustic emission,x-ray radiation, infrared photography andholography.

Seven, adjusting the rubber in accordance withthe formula and sequence of operations,reconciliation should be uniform.

Eight, mechanical treatment on the surface ofmetal oxide cortex could be mechanical treatmentto remove. Among them, sand works best. Sandmaterials are processed according to thehardness of the material selection. Hard metaliron and aluminum soft metal used sand oralumina.

Nine, adhesive curing, the temperature and timeplayed an important role. Also requires acertain degree of compaction. Heatingtemperature depending on the adhesive curingproperties. Room temperature curing adhesivesare required to deposit 24h, in order to achievegood performance; hot curing adhesives cure timeis 1-3h; anaerobic adhesives be isolated fromthe air can be cured, curing at room temperature24h, introducing cure Accelerator, a few minutescan be cured.

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