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Kejian holding successfully participates in the JEC composites Paris


From March 14, 2017 to March 16, 2017, our general manager Haitao Wu with foreign trade manager Xuesong Chen、Mark Wang and marketing manager Doris Wu go to the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition center, which located in northern suburbs, to participate in "2017 JEC composites Paris" , and they have achieved fruitful results.



The JEC Composites Paris is sponsored by the French Composites Association for the development of composite materials, which has been held every year since 1965, and has held 52 sessions till 2017. Furthermore, it is the largest and most historical composites exhibition in Europe, even all over the world.

The purpose of this journey is mainly to broaden horizons, open minds, acquire advanced skills, exchange ideas and make cooperation. Meanwhile, they make full use of this exhibition opportunities to communicate and negotiate with guests and dealers, in order to further expand the company’s visibility and influence in this industry, but also to further understand the characteristics of peer companies with advanced technology so that to better improve our products, and play our own advantages.


At the exhibition site, our company mainly exhibites vacuum bag film, perforated release film, peel ply, tacky tape, VHB tape and other products. Our exhibitors always answer puzzles from the most professional point of view and conduct live presentation with full enthusiasm for every visitor. Moreover, they have a frank communication with old and new customers, and introduce to them our company's development. Consequently, it enhances mutual friendship and trust, and lays a good foundation for Kajian holding to successfully enter the world composites market. 


The JEC Composites Paris enables Kejian holding show itself and look into the future hopefully, which is really a good journey for all of us!

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