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Kejian outstood in 13th “ESbuild Expo ”

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The 13th“ESbuild Expo”(Green Build Expo/Green Architecture and Construction Materials Expo) was held up on June 30-July 2 in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Thousands of energy vonservation companies joined together in the center (Product District Longyang Road, No 2345). Kejian Polymer Materials (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd, as the largest butyl tape manufacturer in China, also attended there, and brought excellent products show for other construction companies.

“ESbuild 2015”(Green Build Expo) includes sections like "energy-saving & Advanced Building Materials", "Green Indoor Heating System and New Energy Equipment", " Green Wooden Residential", "Green Integration Construction, Light Steel Housing and Construction Steel Structure", "Building water systems, curtain wall and building shade, architectural hardware, green architectural lighting, intelligent building electrical, villas facilities, swimming pool and sauna equipment, outdoor furniture, fence fencing and landscaping machinery, building materials production equipment and technology, building templates, building decoration materials", etc. 

Kejian was at W1160 in W1 international exhibition hall.We brought various samples like 666 steel structure butyl sealant; aluminum coated butyl tape; 663J folder tendons sealing tape; sandwich tape; 651 bath trim tape; non-woven tape; 656A aluminum flashing tape; ventilation tape; zinc spray; polyurethane sealant; 702 insulating glass hot melt butyl tape; TPE; EVA particle; EPDM membrane to other construction companies.Visitors were all impressed with our high quality waterproofing products.

Kejian Polymer Materials (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd achieved a lot from “ESbuild 2015”. We are looking forward to more expos like this.

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