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Kejian projected itself in AMTS 2015 (Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show 2015)

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AMTS 2015 (Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show 2015) was held on 26th-28th Aug in Shanghai New Int’l Expo Centre by Shanghai Forever Exhibition Co. Ltd. Hundreds of auto related manufacturers and suppliers gathered here to explore the new products. 


Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show 2015 (AMTS 2015) is a perfect platform to comprehensively display the innovative products and advanced idea in the field of automotive manufacturing technology.It contains the developers and buyers interested in automotive design and development.

Kejian Polymer Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd attended in the exhibition, bring their awsome sealing products:663 Thermal Insulation Clay; 663 sound damping plate; 669 wire harness tape; 640 hot-melt polyurethane windshield tape, EPDM membrane, pvc tape,etc. Those products are designed to seal the caulks to bring perfect waterproofness, sound damping, heat resistance, wire harness and so on. Kejian has been focusing on sealants for almost 10 years and become the largest butyl sealant in China, and now they are in faith they have learnt and ready to be the top sealant manufacturers in the world.

With a lot of deals achieved and potential customers acquired, Kejian is already looking forward to the next AMTS. 

By Eudora Neves

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