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Roads as a sealant material



Construction of the product is a hot sealingmaterial, sealant is joined by asphalt polymer,stabilizer and other specific productionconditions and processed. Has excellentadhesion, low temperature flexibility, thermalstability, resistance to embedding and ageingresistance. At high temperatures, there issufficient flexibility to prevent spills orsticky tires;-15 ℃-60 ℃ environment tomaintain its excellent characteristics. Can beused with cement concrete pavement, and matrixcracks of asphalt concrete pavement treatment,joint treatment of airport runways and all kinds of roads, bridge deck waterproofing and stressof digestion function.

Use method

1. According to the usage of the material plus180-200 ℃.

2. clear seams, cracks in the debris blowing,blow dry.

3. the material is cooled, open traffic.

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