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Roof waterproofing of photovoltaic power station
Apr 18, 2018

April is about to pass, summer will soon come, and the rainy season will increase, so waterproofing cannot be ignored.Whether it is the original waterproofing defect or leakage caused by damage during installation, it is difficult to communicate and solve the problem between the installer and the owner. There may even be a claim for compensation or a situation requiring the power station to be dismantled, resulting in huge losses.How to make the roof waterproof of photovoltaic power station?

Many people will take into account the bearing capacity of the roof, the area of the roof, the capacity of the transformer, and so on, in the preliminary assessment of the rooftop PV project.

However, the original waterproofing condition of the roof is often ignored, and whether the installation will cause new waterproof damage to the roof will be neglected.


According to the great demand for roof flat slope in rural areas of northern China, it is a good development direction if the photovoltaic module is installed as waterproof roof.It is proved by practice that the photovoltaic waterproof roof is favored by farmers. This kind of roof is not only beautiful, thermal insulation, but also can form a large storage space, and the overall installation cost will be greatly reduced.


  • A few points to pay attention to at first:

1, early to understand the original roof waterproof practices and leakage situation.

2. What is the service life of the original waterproof layer or light steel roof slab after the construction of the power station, and whether the service life of the original waterproof layer or light steel roof plate can match the life of the power station?

3. In the design stage and installation process, it is necessary to consider whether the installation of the support or fixture will cause new damage to the waterproofing of the original roof.

4. The general principle of roof waterproofing is that it is not suitable to block, to ensure that the water can be discharged smoothly during heavy rain, and to ensure that the roof is not leaky.

For the situation that must be perforated to destroy the original roof, it should be done in accordance with local conditions, according to different situations to do different treatment, let's look at the classification below.

  • Concrete roof waterproof

For the new building of concrete roof, bolts should be embedded in the design, and the roof waterproof should be done according to the usual practice.

For existing buildings, when the photovoltaic module base is installed, the waterproof layer should be laid to the upper part of the base and the metal burying piece, and sealed around the anchor bolt, and the waterproof sealant is used to fill the place through the waterproof layer.In addition, additional waterproof layer can be added under the base, even if leakage occurs at the top of the base, Rain Water will not reach the structure layer.


  • Metal roof waterproof

For the metal roof, the steel structure of the photovoltaic system should be fixed on the main steel structure of the building by penetrating the original waterproof layer and the profiled steel plate.According to the waterproof method of metal roofing, steam insulation, heat preservation and waterproof treatment are carried out.The emphasis of construction is to remove corrosion, seal, and paint waterproof paint on the base and periphery.

The high quality neutral weathering sealant should be applied to seal the local leakage point of metal roof.For the seriously corroded color steel plate, the photovoltaic module is replaced before installation.

  • Inclined roof waterproof

The waterproof way of inclined tile roof is to install hook generally, pay attention not to break through the roof, do waterproof glue, after fixing the photovoltaic support in the roof, use waterproof paint to do waterproof, then cover the original tile.Chemical anchor bolts shall also be used , but the depth of the holes shall be confirmed before the bolts are used , and after the chemical anchoring bolts are fixed , the bolt passes through the tiles and shall be treated with waterproof sealant .


  • Method of waterproof of photovoltaic roof

The practices of photovoltaic module waterproof roof include glue, aluminum foil tape bonding, color steel tile substrate, custom flow guide support, custom assembly frame and BIPV special component, etc.These programs have their own drawbacks: troublesome, unreliable, complex, expensive, not conducive to the promotion of photovoltaic waterproofing roofs, and summed up after a long period of practical experience.Engineers began to use and promote a practical new solution: waterproof tape and butyl tape with aluminum foil.

The method is also very simple, as long as find the appropriate size of waterproof tape, directly insert the component gap can be, and then lateral use butyl aluminum foil tape, you can effectively sit to waterproof.

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