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Sealant products


Soft and elastic sealant

Apply liquid sealant of high-efficiency airfilter.

Liquid sealant curing elastic gel isspecifically used in a high efficiencyparticulate air filter seal. Aluminium Groove toform a sealed gas-tight seal. Liquid sealantsand glue the Groove wall is good, if you move orremove filters, this gel will separate easilyfrom the filter, elasticity? and canautomatically restore the sealing effect. It hasexcellent weatherability and excellent chemicalstability, corrosion-resistant, can absorbexpansion and contraction stress withoutcracking, and moderate hardness, good elasticrecovery.

Packaging sealants

Sealing is important part of the package. Sealwill directly influence the effect of packaging,packaging storage and longevity, even affectingthe reputation of the packaging. According to the form and use of seal material can be broadlydivided into 3 categories: gasket seals, tapeseal and gel seal. They were able to preventliquid leakage, oxygen, moisture, odor barrierto enter, the purpose of anti-counterfeiting,shoddy products. Security seal is a packagingseal technology is booming in recent years. Itis usually sealed with a hot melt adhesive oradhesive tape sealing and packaging once thedismantling cannot be rehabilitated, whichprevents fake or substandard products, theprotection of consumer interests.

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