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As more sealant product brand, before useaccording to the conditions of use seal, sealingparts materials, sealing joints, the type ofsealed medium and performance and curingconditions considered choices.

Conditions of use: include stress, temperature,environment, as well as sealing parts aredetachable, etc.

Material on sealing parts: General Non-metallic components, the choice of low-strength sealant.For metal parts, are high-strength sealantshould be used.

On the sealing parts of the State: it consistsof sealing parts in assembled State gap size andshape, surface roughness, iron oxide skin and so on. Generally, gap, or when surface roughnessand viscosity of the sealant should be used.Sealing surface of the sealing area or smooth,low viscosity sealant should be used.

About the types of sealed medium: full attentionshould be sealed media compatibility with theselected sealant, namely to ensure that workingconditions, the stability of their chemical andphysical properties of sealants, to sealedliquids compatible with each other.

Curing conditions: when using anaerobicadhesive, should pay attention to whether wehave the conditions to do with air. If, on thejob site impossible heat and glue curing processof complex conditions, you should choose at room temperature, without air requirements for othertypes of sealants. Alternatively, control andreduce the mating surface of the seal. Alsoincreased in the anaerobic adhesive glue to makeit shorter curing time of the catalystcomponents.

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