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Sealants cut down cost


Before choosing a sealant, itis best to sealexpert advice to senior adhesion to determinewith sealing agent that best matches your needs.Their expertise will help you find the mostsuitable sealing agent--quality whileeliminating unnecessary expense.

Delineating the optional sealing glue, you canreduce your sealing costs by following thesesteps.

1. do not use too much sealant agents.Sometimes, manufacturers believe that the use ofsealing glue more adhesion effect is ideal, in fact, it is a wrong idea. Using an excessive amount of adhesive, will not only increase thecost of adhesives, in fact, will also affect theresult of the connection. If you have questionsabout the amount of sealant, best to consult asealant product sales staff or themanufacturer's technicians, they will provideyou with practical solutions.

2. reduce the fill point applications. If youregularly need to replace adhesive residue, thentry to reduce the fill point applications.

3. sealing agent for extended shelf life. If aburn a whole bucket of sealant, then reseal thewell sealed containers as soon as possible, so as to avoid coagulation or evaporation.

4. check the pressure device. If the pressure is too great, can cause the sealant to waste andaffect the life of the hydraulic pump. Here youneed to do is to determine the proper pressuresetting and ensure that equipment is strictlycomplying with the set value.

5. scheduled inspection and maintenance of yourequipment. Regular maintenance will improve theperformance and, in addition, can also reducemaintenance costs.

6. compared to other sealing products, watersealing agent can greatly reduce costs.Therefore, when choosing a sealant products, tryto give priority to water seal products. Simplewater seal products are easy to clean and useconditions, unlike chemical sealant agentsrequire high investment in the long-termmaintenance of the equipment.

7. the repeated use of purified water andcleaning water. Device configuration can be usedmultiple times for the production of clean watersystem for purifying water with clean waterseveral times.

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