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Sealing method


Seal there are many types: silicone sealant,polyurethane sealant, polysulfide sealant,acrylic sealants, anaerobic sealant, epoxysealant, butyl sealant, neoprene rubber, PVCseal, as well as asphalt sealant.

Purchase sealed rubber main see several performance: a, and fracture strength (pulled broken of force/cross cut area); II, and stick received strength (opened of force/stick received area, base material damage except); three, and fracture elongation rate (pulled broken Shi of length/Haranaga); four, and anti-aging capacity; five, and appearance (Asia photometric, particles, bubble); six, and insurance type sex (not drawing, State surface not sagging); seven, and shelf life; eight, and curing time.

Plastic glass there is no good or bad points,properties correspond to prices, for the best.Followed by stability and the full amount or not, this is the test manufacturers. If thesealing capacity with less capacity (Note: isthe volume. Sealant that is very serious) so that the sealant is removed first, this businessidea has the problem, ain;t where it;s going.(More problems to prove that they are looselycontrolled production processes). If the dosageshould be taken into consideration sealantproduction stability

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