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Why sealant can crack


Crack 4 reasons:

1, sealing adhesive or premature movecomponents; the curing of the sealant isgenerally 48 hours or more, not until fullycured sealant, mobile component it will cause acrack sealant. Joints in construction site earlyto withstand wind pressure or bearing jointdisplacement caused by, can also cause cracksealant.

2, seal adhesive bonding on three sides; do notuse anti-adhesive backing material or neglectpreventive measures, easily so that the sealantin seams in the form of three bond, when jointdisplacement sealant cannot freely, causingpremature cracking low displacement. Thissituation of which most easily overlookedproblem is construction.

Joint displacement is greater than 3, the actualengineering of sealant displacement; impropercalculation, materials are not reasonable causesexcessive or joint manufacturing errors,resulting in seams than sealant displacementability, will be joint cracking caused trouble.

4, surface cleaning is not done, size make surethe surface of the substrate before drying, toavoid a crack sealant and foam.

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