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2016 Kejian Second Waterproof Butyl Tape Business Speech Contest Ended

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The second Speech Contest for sales representatives was successfully ended in OCT.20th,2016. The competition leads to improve the sales skills and exercise the ability of speaking.All the sales rep. showed themselves best and chased on the NO.1.Through this competition, they could not only to share the information which they knew, but also get more inspiration. 

butyl tape

In these presentations, we mainly introduced the construction products including butyl tape, aluminum foil butyl tapebutyl insulating tape, stainless steel screws and so on. Each one focused on the details of the products and where the products are using for.

Through this speech, each sales rep. may know more information about the products of butyl tape, aluminum foil butyl tape,butyl insulating tape, stainless steel screws and so on.They got understanding deeply of each product,knew a lot of information from each other,caught some changing of the market through the sharing.


So let’s expect that they will have a big success in the near future on the sales amount.

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