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Application Scope And Construction Of Butyl Waterproof Adhesive Tape
Sep 13, 2016

The applicable scope of the butyl waterproof adhesive tape includes:

(1) construction of the new roof waterproof, waterproof, waterproof construction of the structure of the construction of waterproof and polymer waterproofing membrane lap seal. (2) sealing and waterproof treatment of subway tunnel construction joints in municipal works.

(3) the color pressure plate seams airtight, waterproof, shock absorber. Air tightness, water proof and damping of the joint in the sunlight board project. (4) the bonding and sealing treatment in automobile assembly.

(5) waterproof sealing treatment in the construction of steel structure.

(6)composite aluminum foil butyl tape  is suitable for all kinds of steel, steel, civil roofing, waterproofing membrane, PC plate in the sunlight waterproof seal.

Construction and precautions of butyl waterproof adhesive tape:

(1) should be stored in dry, cool place, and avoid direct sunlight and heating air conditioning and other heat source;

(2) according to the different gap, seam width, the use of different specifications of the tape;

(3) to completely remove impurities by sticking surface water, oil, dirt, dust and glued on the surface of silicone sealant before use, special available organic solvent cleaning or polishing the surface (water cleaning must be sticking surface completely dry before operation);

(4) isolation on the tear tape, along the seams or cracks in sticky tape;

(5) use a hand or a small roller to press the surface of the adhesive tape so that it can be fully adhered to the surface of the adhesive;

(6) after the construction of the bonded substrate in 24 hours shall not be torn off;

(7) scissors, pressure roller and other construction tools;

(8) the product is a self adhesive material, should be a paste in place, can achieve the best waterproof effect;

(9) construction temperature at -15 degrees C - 45.

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