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Are You Worried About Finding The Leak
Aug 12, 2017

Are you worried about finding a leak?

    In life, we often cause water leakage and water seepage in the bathroom due to different reasons, such as sedimentation and dry shrinkage. It is sure to have a great impact on work and life. It could be the property company complains, or downstairs neighbor sues for compensation. Once encountered leaking toilet and water seepage, it can’t be maintained blindly. Believe that a lot of friends have met this kind of situation, whether it's own house leak, leak into their own home from someone else's house, they must be greatly depressed, angry, and no good idea. They only pry open floor tile to do waterproof processing, and laying floor tile brick (also not necessarily can find the same color of brick). If you have a complex problem, you may even need to move the toilet, bathtub, and other facility. It takes time and money, but it doesn't guarantee a complete solution.





After nearly 2 years of research and development, 2017 Kejian Holding and British joint venture TOP BEST LIMITED launched a new generation of flexible waterproof products QUICK REPAIR micro-crack repair flexible waterproof adhesive. This product is made up for the hardening of the shrinkage defects of similar products on the market. And it has realized the real flexible waterproof permanently.


Micro-crack repair flexible waterproof adhesive


Ordinary disposable rubber

Construction procedure


1. Clean the substrate


2. Seal the drain with a butyl tape (prevent the glue from going down the drain)


3. Lay the guide cloth flat on the construction base


4. Mix together A and B, and stir well


5. Pour the product evenly in every corner of the bathroom


6. After 3-5 hours, open the guide cloth to clean up the residue

Product feature:

1. Before construction:

The liquid is good, and has the extremely strong permeable performance. Even the small crack, the space can penetrate into it.

2. After construction:

Within 3 to 5 hours, complete resistance layer is formed and all pores are seeped.

3. Shape after curing:

To be flexible, to do what you want; No hardening, no shrinkage and no expansion.

4. Product features:

Convenient construction, efficient environmental protection, cost-effective.

5. Scope of application:

The kitchen guard is free of brick blocking, flexible grouting, wall micro-crack repair, and roof micro-crack repair.

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