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Break Through The Self And Create The Future Together-- 12th Anniversary Of Kejian
Nov 20, 2017

12 years of concerted efforts and growth,12 years of walking hand in hand

A glorious journey,

Show the next twelve years bright.

A period of extraordinary years,

Wrote a brilliant Kejian chapter of twelve years.

November 2017,Kejian Holding had its 12 years birthday,By virtue of brilliant sales performance and long-term, stable, excellent innovation ability,Kejian has been successfully transformed from an unknown small company into a leading manufacturer, specializing in the production of butyl rubber in china,and ranks among the world's largest professional butyl rubber, butyl tape manufacturer.

Struggle hard,glorious flowers in spring and solid fruits in autumn

Kejian Holding seizes the new opportunity of adhesive industry development,based on the business philosophy of "Service,Innovation,Unity and Development" ,taking "innovation" as the traction,lifting capacity,promoting development.At present, the company has established long-term cooperative relationship with a number of institutions of higher learning,new products are introduced to the market every year,products include butyl, isopropyl, chloroprene, silicone, polyurethane, epoxy resin, acrylic resin and other disciplines, multidisciplinary and is listed as Shanghai high tech achievement transformation project.It has many invention patents,at the same time in 2016 was identified as high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, and selected in 2017 Shanghai science and technology giant breeding enterprises,in terms of business qualification, management scale, industry influence and other aspects to achieve leapfrog development.


Unite in a concerted effort,cooperation and win-win.

  The sales department of Kejian closes to the company's strategic pace, built a sales team which is fighting , loving,devoting.Time flies,no pain,no gain!We walked with passion together in the past 12 years;We wrote business poems together in the past 12 years;We shared joys and sorrows together in the past 12 years;We were hand in hand to stride over the great road in the past 12 years;Our shoulder side by side to overcome difficulties and hardships in the past 12 years.On the occasion of celebration,Kejian Holding also ushered in the third quarter of the sales conference,Chairman Wu Haitao,domestic sales director Hu Zhenping, director of foreign trade sales Chen Xuesong,heads of the north and the South and the managers of all business divisions reported the achievements and shortcomings of sales in the first three quarters,shared the successful experiences and put forward the fourth quarter work objectives and plans,sprint to year-end performance!


Break through the self and create the future together

 Kejian Holding adheres to sound management,continue to promote reform and innovation,comprehensive strength continues to increase,sales business base constantly consolidated,market position and brand value continue to rise.From small to big,from weak to strong……Twelve years of honing,forge ahead.Brilliant all the way,steady and self sustaining,calm confidence and self determination.Twelve years is a milestone to witness the development of Kejian and it is also a new starting point for Kejian.


Let us work together,For 2027,be able to stand here together,take an oath to the world of the birth of a great enterprise more proudly.Stand together through storm and stress.move ahead inspiringly,break through the self and create the future together.

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