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Ceramic Tile How To Stick Just Won't Fall Off
Jul 20, 2016

Believe we have encountered such a problem, the home wall tiles will be Konggu phenomenon, but also a serious fall, which with the decoration process have great relationship, following with a look at how tiling can prevent the drums and drop!


First, after a preselected ceramic tile on the back of clean, and soaked in water for more than 2 hours, soaking is let the ceramic prior water absorption saturation, so Putie sucked the adhesive material moisture, affect the bond strength or lead bonding material excessive contraction caused by hollowing, debonding and. After soaking the ceramic tile, the shop should be removed from the water before laying, and wipe off the surface water with cotton cloth or dry the surface moisture before paving.

Second, tiling of the clean surface of the grass-roots level, dirt on the ground, be sure to clean up, or tile adhesive and base bonding is not solid; in addition, if the wall itself has cracks should be properly treated before sidewalks, to avoid changes in the future to basic structural cracks in brick wall crack or fall off.

Third, floor tile to pave the ground, will not spread the cement floor tile shop on the ground, beaten, tile adhesive painted tiles, shop on the ground, the diagonal position of the four brick flush.

Laying tiles in the order is actually a lot of attention to the shop tiles should be posted from the inside to the outside, slope, or encountered a floor drain in the place, but also pay attention to the direction of drainage slope; wall tiles Putie should be from the bottom to the top. For the end of the shop with the effect of beautiful, the bottom of the ceramic tiles to the end of the post; wall tiles to be pressed after the end of the floor tiles.

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