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EPDM Waterproofing Membrane And Construction Method
Aug 31, 2016

The EPDM waterproofing membrane is composed of The EPDM (ethylene, propylene and a small amount of dicyclopentadiene copolymer polymer), curing agent, accelerator, polymer membranes by rolling or extrusion process.

The EPDM waterproofing membrane characteristics:

1 good tensile properties, extension rate is large, can better adapt to the needs of the grassroots expansion or cracking deformation.

2 good aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, the service life of up to 35 years.

3 good high temperature performance, low temperature can reach 40 degrees, high temperature can reach 160 degrees, can be used for a long time in bad environment.

4 light weight, reduced roof load.

5 the plant has good root penetration resistance, and can be made into the roof waterproof layer.

6 modified special molecular structure, can effectively solve the problems at home and abroad, three yuan of adhesive lap.

7 construction is convenient and reliable, and no environmental pollution.

8 resistance to chemical corrosion, can be applied to special occasions.

9 maintenance is convenient, the cost is low, the detail processing is convenient, the anti perforation is good.

The EPDM waterproofing membrane construction method:

1 hot paving method

(1) the hot paving method can reduce the engineering cost of the waterproof layer, which can avoid the adhesive, waterproof layer hollowing phenomenon.

(2) the basic treatment for cement mortar layer, solid, smooth, shiny, no bulge. Grass must be dry. The moisture content is below 9%.

(3) in the dry on the base of SBS modified asphalt waterproof coiled material cold base oil, the requirements of the application of a uniform coating, dry 6 hours (according to the temperature and set, with non stick foot as well).

(4) the first roll according to the right position, lit torch (torch from the coil is about 0.3 m), with a blowtorch heating coil and primary coil, until the melting of the surface immediately after rolling shop, heat uniformly, don't get sucked into the air and foreign matters when rolling and compaction requirements, flattening. The coil is not cooled, with a trowel to seal the edges, and then carefully put the torch uniform seams are sealed, pay special attention to the edge and the complex parts, to prevent curling.

(5) the construction process of construction technology and practice of bilateral single approach is basically the same, paving second layer with the first layer should roll according to about 0.3 m (joint staggered general building single can);

(6) safety protection: to strengthen construction management and maintenance of hot gas storage and blowtorches, preventing fire and accidents.

2 cold bonding method

(1) the basic processing and coating substrate treatment agent and method for the same hot shop;

(2) brush base adhesive: there are SBS adhesive rubber asphalt adhesive, chloride butyl adhesive mixture, choose one kind. Requirements uniformly consistent with the uniform, the amount per square meter of kg 0.5~0.7;

(3) PU adhesive waterproofing process: first the roll according to position is set aside 10 cm wide take the crop, roll front shop, back rolling, requirements of shop Nien dense and smooth, be careful not to get involved in the air and foreign bodies, no wrinkles, no drum, joints shall be coated with adhesive, and then drying 20 min beat the roll, the paste is firm.

(4) surface treatment: roll stick after sand if you need protection, can be coated with a layer of rubber asphalt coating, and sprinkle sand or mica in the construction (only 3 people) per person to complete their own processes.

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