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How To Do A Good Job In Car Noise
Jul 26, 2016

With the improvement of quality of life, our requirement of car also more and more high, especially in comfort that, when it comes to comfort, in addition to ride comfort, the car quiet is also very important, and is the main source of noise in the car, engine, air, tires, body structure, so now many people to purchase a car, will choose to enhance the effects of car noise, below about how to do a good job in car noise.

Can car noise construction site include: chassis, four door, trunk, tail box cover, hood, fender, roof, instrument desk, firewalls, U type Cao.

The sound insulation engineering of the system is finished by three steps: shock absorption, noise reduction and sealing.

1. The four door, trunk, car floor, nacelle and roof seismic processing; implementation of the damping treatment, primary and secondary points: first is the doors and trunk, because most of the noise is through the automobile suspension system, trunk, chassis, door and other parts of the incoming car; followed by car floor and engine position; finally, the roof of the car.

2. The whole car of sound absorption, noise reduction processing, the most important is selectivity of sound insulation material, sound insulation, the main purpose is to reduce the noise, but there are a lot of material is not waterproof and a heavy smell, noise not only did not remove, but to bring more trouble, so choose vibration sound materials must attach importance to this aspect shall choose well-known brands, is waterproof and environment-friendly materials. We use the top BEST-663G Sound Damping Sheet for commercial vehicle noise reduction and sound insulation. Non toxic, tasteless, non corrosive, in accordance with the requirements of the vehicle materials and parts of the emission performance test standard, with excellent self adhesive, convenient construction.

Among them, the engine room noise, to buy a piece of wavy sound-absorbing cotton (divided into fire with fire, fire taste quite unpleasant), buy cans of spray. Door sound insulation, can go and buy a soundproof cotton or plastic insulation or insulation wool felt attached to the door frame joints is complete soundproof door frame. A, B, C column noise, reinforcement. The A, B, C column hole with PU foaming agent filled with about 40% of the foaming agent for foaming expansion), which can effectively prevent from metal vibration caused by the abnormal sound and increase the rigidity of car body, the completion of a, B, C column sound insulation project. In the tail box paste insulation materials, tail box on both sides of the wheel brow position also can't let go, so that it can effectively reduce tyre road noise noise and exhaust can be caused by noise, and effectively reduce the low-frequency resonance noise such as that caused by a bass part.

3 sealing treatment of the car. Seal the deal on the car, not excessive seal, because body sealing engineering is solved by outgoing transmission noise of foundation engineering should do the body good sealing, to balance the air pressure inside the car, otherwise, the excessive seal can cause hypoxia in the car, pose a risk to your body.

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