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"Ice Trip" In Japan
Feb 03, 2016

It's Chinese New Year now, and Kejian sales department stuff have holidays off from Jan 30th to February 5th. Kejian organized a group trip to Japan. 

On the morning of Jan 30, stuff gathered together in Pudong Airport, and started their exciting trip. They were expecting this so much that they started preparing clothes, shoes and whatso since one month ago. Like most chinese people do, they all have a long shopping list with them. 

It is in the deep winter, and the whole Japan is covered with ice, they call it a "Ice trip". However, they  had quite a lot of fun with "ice" in the past few days. Their trips includes skedding, hot spring shower, food party, horse riding, etc. 

Japan covered with snow and ice is so beautiful that kejian sales team took a bunch of pictures in the past days. You can see everyone's face is freezed red but with laughs hung there always. 

Every year Kejian sales stuff travel abroad like this. They have been to Thailand, Vitnam, and many other countries. And every once for a while, they have small trips domestically. By travelling together, employees can have chance to relax themselves and get closer to each other.

The journey in Japan hasn't ended, but these Kejian stuff are already talking about next foreign trip. 

Yeah, where to go next year? LOL!

By Eudora Neves

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