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Kejian Holding: Heartwarming Donation for the Sick Employee
Apr 21, 2017

Recently, Kejian Holding trade union proposed that the staff shall help the sick employee Chen Xuean and support our peer initiatively.  Kejian Holding employee Chen Xuean was diagnosed with rectal malignancy in February, 2017 and is badly in need of treatment. Because of sudden serious illness and expensive medical bills, the crushing burden was put on his family economically and spiritually.

Considering their actual economic situation, Kejian Holding trade union recommends this donation activity to the staff. We proposed that: take concrete actions to express love and care for colleague’s sickness. And reveal Kejian people "When disaster struck, help came from all sides." kindness and affection!


On April 18, 2017, a donation activity was held in Kejian Holding. The employees are generous and very active. The donations have flooded in to pay the family's huge medical bills. And the raised fund is 24910 yuan. Perhaps it is a drop in the bucket for Chen Xuean as for the high cost that he and his family have to bear. But it contains the staff’s blessings and brings hope to him and his family.


We believe that “great thing may be done by mass effort”. Love is all around, and we hope our love can make a brave persistence. Let’s wish him early to fight against illness and be recuperated his health!

Whenever the staff is in trouble, the trade union will help them. Let every employee to find happiness in Kejian, and that is the humanistic care. Also, Kejian Holding is engaged in activities for sending warmth many years, and gives top priority to employees. And the staff deeply feels the warmth of the family. Besides, it promotes the healthy and harmonious development of Kejian.


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