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Kitchen And Bathroom Waterproof Implementation Process

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Waterproofing kitchen properly, affect the future kitchen life and comfort, we must attach great importance to and strictly implement. The following is the introduction and implementation process of waterproofing under the kitchen.

The first step: to do a good job in the foundation of hydropower projects

From a safety point of view, the toilet water pipes and wires go above is better than walking below. But a lot of "guerrilla" just for the sake of saving, hydropower walk, open trough in the bathroom and even, chisel hole.

The second step: clean the grass roots and walls

House decoration waterproof, involving the balcony, kitchen, bathroom, but the focus is the bathroom. First of all, knocked on the wall and floor with a small metal hammer, if it is found that the "empty sound burst", means that there must be some hollowing, hollowing all broken. If you need to replace the original bathroom tiles, brick chisel to the original post, we must first use the mortar to the ground leveling, do waterproof processing, this can avoid the leakage of waterproof coating caused by uneven thickness. The construction of waterproof coating layer on the surface of the base, the first gray skin with the shovel with a broom to get rid of, dust, sand and other debris clean, especially the root canal, part of floor drain and drain outlet should be carefully cleaned.

The third step: do a good job of rigid waterproof

All kinds of water can not change the toilet, try not to change; if you want to change, do not use cement mortar to fill the void, must be three times to fill the plugging king. In the bathtub, washbasin, kitchen sink and the edge of the wall, the wall corner slot waterproof these key parts should be paid special attention to. The quality of rubber composite self adhesive waterproof bath trim tape, kitchen decoration waterproof material is preferred. The ground is also divided into three sub blocks, to have a time interval. In this way, it gives the ground a rigid waterproof armor. The bathroom in the threshold to be a high slope, painted, prevent water backflow to go outside the room, and the threshold of stone must use fine cement mortar slightly put some wet paste plugging king.

The fourth step: add elastic waterproof coating

The house for a long time, hard plugging King elastic coatings for settlement and living will be ripped, thus losing the waterproof effect. So it is necessary to add the second Insurance - elastic waterproof paint. General or shower nozzle is installed on the 1.8 meters or so, if the waterproof do low, long-term spray caused water soaked wall, the wall mildew, wall decoration coating or tile stripping and so on. Non shower wall in principle to do 1.5 meters on the can, but in order to strengthen the role of water, 1.8 meters high uniform. In addition, the bathroom renovation of the light body wall or self built light body wall, it is recommended to do the top waterproof height.

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