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Motorhome Seal Waterproof And Sound Reinforcement

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RV also known as the "wheel house", both "real" and "car" two big functions, but their property or car, is a movable, have the necessary basic facilities of home car. According to market survey, China's car market is in the preliminary stage, the proportion of less than 1/10000, car manufacturers production technology also needs to be improved, the waterproof and insulation of reinforced car to share with you.

1. car interior noise. Noise can be used to reduce the noise caused by the resonance of the internal structure of the vehicle. Sound insulation car door, floor, roof, hood and other parts of the film will be torn off the paper and adhesion at the site of application and use of roller compaction.

2.Sealing and waterproofing of the outer connecting place of the RV. Butyl rubber tape used in waterproof membrane, glass door, car interiors, wrapping strip skylight, side window seal waterproof adhesive. Plastic bucket, glue glue pump line by adjusting the pump pressure, temperature control, the quantity of cement; glue, tear off the release paper, adhesion and compaction can be applied in site.

3 Reinforced adhesive sheet: automotive steel plate: CRS, surface galvanized or organic metal plate, aluminum processing, oil plate (up to 3G /m2 at the same time, oil) and electrophoretic paint curing, to strengthen steel rigidity, reduce the noise (trace) and vibration suppression effect. Tear off the film on the paper, adhesion in the application of the parts and compacted by 160 degrees -210 degrees Celsius, 30-60min high temperature curing.

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