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[PK Match] To Forge Iron, One Must Be Strong; A Fine Horse Dashing Without A Horse-wipe
Sep 18, 2017

To forge iron, one must be strong; a fine horse dashing without a horse-wipe. If we want to build a better brand, we must reach six goals: tenacity ideology, fine spirit, powerful ability, study more, well visualize and better products.

Debate a person, is more important than Jiuding treasure; three-inch tongue, stronger than one million of the division. A good eloquence is the most important diathesis for salesman. For this purpose, Kejian Holding hold the fourth “Sales Executive” PPT speech competition.

This competition obedience to formerly style, the content require sellers use their own strong points, insight of market, product knowledge and professional skill to make a PPT by themselves. Aim to let all the members share knowledge with each other.

In the competition period, every salesman went up to give a speech by turns. All of them are full of witty remarks. The masterly speeches showed competitors’ original opinion and mixed-ability.

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Kejian Polymer Materials PPT speech

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Kejian Polymer Materials Knowledge sharing

After competitors giving a speech, judges give a integrated mark according to their expression abilities, visualizes and ability of controlling time. Our chairman Mr. Wu, inland sales director Mr. Hu and export sales director Mr. Chen gave their comments. Not only point their better opinions but also talk about their inadequacy. They helped all the competitors to know more about their selves.

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After drastic contend, Xuezhi Li, Mark Wang and Doris Wu (Women are no inferior to men) won top three.

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You will understand the gain and loss if you take people as mirror. Kejian Holding’s elites can know more about the products and improve themselves fast. We devote to organize a superhard team, form a positive atmosphere, and finally we hope to achieve a leading brand in domain.


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