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Reasons And Solving Methods Of Color Steel Plate Waterproof
Aug 24, 2016

Color steel plate roof with its convenient and fast construction, high utilization ratio and other characteristics of the concrete roof, in the construction field has been widely promoted and used. Because of manufacturing, installation level is uneven, the color steel plate roof leakage problem is particularly prominent, waterproof also becomes a difficult problem. The following combination of our experience, and share the main reasons for the leakage and the solution.

Main leakage causes of color steel plate roof and its solution:

butyl sealant for proof

1 roofing fasteners and screws at the water leakage. This phenomenon occurred mainly in the double color steel plate and a layer of colored steel roof, construction process, tapping power is overweight, light, since screws Dapian, beveling, may make self tapping rubber gasket distortion, loss or a concave, cause of roof drip leak and the heat insulation cotton accumulates, many a little makes a mickle, the formation of leakage. In the construction of self tapping screws overexert have rubber pad damage, the rubber pad aging fast, soon lost the waterproof effect.

Solution: replace the rubber pad, and in the screw position to put on the glass glue, nail head must wrap 5MM above.

2 color steel plate lap mouth leakage. Uneven color steel roof waterproofing treatment agent brush coating, sealant with coating, construction steel base and bubbles, color adhesive material quality is poor, aging resulting from fast.

Solution: the color steel plate lap joint sealant is the most important, the color plate to play glue is divided into two kinds: the inside with the glue, the requirements will never be cured, such as butyl sealant. Topical adhesive after curing, with certain elasticity, such as neutral silicone rubber, single sided aluminum foil waterproof tape.

3 Ridge Water Leakage. Too high at the ridge crest, roof cover cannot guarantee waterproof; the longitudinal joints on clay or silica gel, the in the formation of cracks and leakage; roof cover plate longitudinal joints are connected together by rivets, thermal expansion and contraction strength is not enough to pull off rivet, form slack; activities of the board roof cover plate and roof plate between the laying of plug or plug placement is not standardized and off the formation of leakage.

Solution: roof cover wide some, also slope find major points; joint laying butyl clay or silica gel; replacement suture nail; plug should be and the shape of steel plate matching, blocking the laying head should be delegated butyl clay or silica gel.

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