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Sales Department End-year Conference
Feb 11, 2017

Kejian Holding 2016 Sales Department Year-End Summary Conference Held Successfully

At the beginning of the New Year, everything takes on a new look. February 5, 2017, Kejian all sales elites gathered in the headquarter, to participate in the 2016 year-end summary conference of sales department, atmosphere comfortable, sales staff morale excited, full of hope and confidence in 2017.


"Homeopathic, the contrarian broken Council".

 Despite the chemical industry low running and many other challenges in 2016, Kejian still gain 30% increase and set 2017 sales target of grow 30% again! It’s inseparable from our efforts that upgrade products and management quality through continuous innovation and solid management, also our firm confidence and continuous climbing.

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Hu zhenping, Head of the Sales Department, made a comprehensive summary and analysis for 2016 sales work of Kejian Holding. This year's sales up to new high, and it is our high-quality products and reliable service that win many praise from customers, which is inseparable from the efforts of each employee, but also the efforts of every vanguard in the sales team. At the same time, Hu made new planning and deployment for 2017 New Year’s tasks and deployment.

Sale elites determined their own targets, and the General Manager Wu Haitao put forward his proposals and improved ways aimed to this sale targets, and encouraged innovation and proactive work.

To encourage sales staff to achieve greater success better and enhance enthusiasm of all staff, General Manager Wu Haitao also released the company's management plan and implementation of the rules, use the pressure and power to improve effectiveness and enthusiasm of the sales team and employees.

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From eleven years ago, Kejian appeared unknown to today's internationalization enterprises, Kejian always showing the posture of a climber, the company will create the ideas in the future that thought determines wealth, and product determines value!

The company, as always, to develop new products and services, such as energy-saving, emission reduction, noise reduction, more environmentally friendly and more influential on users, with our expertise and focus to change the world, with our innovative products and services to bring the world new value, and get our return in the process of customers’ recognition!

Year after year more powerful, year after year better performance, year after year more cohesive of hearts, all telling the determination to climb the ups and downs in the past 11 years. The wind, rain and rainbow has become the past, Kejian will climb another peak which is beyond himself!

Although the road of climbing is steep, no matter how high the mountain is, it can’t stop the pace of progress, and no matter how hard it will be, in can’t block the determination of overlooking the mountains. Kejian Holding - - 2017, starting! Fighting!



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