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Sealant Classification By Vulcanization
Jan 23, 2016

Moist air type curing sealant: this type ofcuring the sealant series use the moisture inthe air. It mostly consists of one-componentsilicone rubber and polyurethane, polysulfiderubber. Polymer binders containing active genes.Can react with water in the air to formCrosslinks sealant curing into a networkstructure. Of humidity in the atmosphere asvulcanization catalysts.

Chemical curing sealant: two-component,polyurethane, silicone, polysulfide rubber,neoprene rubber and epoxy resin sealant fall into this category are generally complete curingat room temperature. Some single component ofneoprene and chlorosulfonated polyethylenesealant and PVC Sol paste sealant such as spot welding for automobile adhesives shall be addedunder the chemical reaction complete curing.

Thermal transition type sealant: dispersion ofplasticizer used polyvinyl chloride resin andasphalt rubber sealant is the thermal transitionof two different types of systems. Plasticizedvinyl resin is liquid suspension at room temperature into a solid by heating andhardening rubber-asphalt and sealing of the hot-melt adhesive.

Oxidative hardening sealant: surface drying ofcaulking or sealant for glass that is the typeof the primary dry and semi dry vegetable oilbase. Type of oil can be refined inpolymerization, blowing or chemicalmodification. Cobalt naphthenate is used asdriers accelerated drying of the surface ishardened lead naphthenate makes inner andsurface hardened manganese naphthenate hardeninside more effectively.

Solidification of solvent-type sealant: this isa solvent free adhesive polymers based sealant.This category intersects main butyl sealant,high molecular weight PIB, a certain degree ofpolymerization of acrylate, chlorosulfonatedpolyethylene, neoprene and other sealants.

Not drying can permanently plastic sealing: thistype of sealant is usually included withpolybutylene, medium molecular weight ofpolyisobutene, high viscosity non-adhesivematerials such as styrene oxide base oil, notvegetable oil, blowing half of drying oil orbutyl rubber base sealant.

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