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Sealant Classified By Morphology


Paste sealant: this type of sealant is low levelsealant is usually 3 major oil asphalt resin andpolybutene. Often used to seal small fixed glasswindows of their largest amount of seam movementand deformation of +5%-5% or use of generallyvalid for 2 years.

Liquid elastic sealant: this type of sealantsinclude the sulfide formation elastic State ofliquid polymer. They have joints under repeateddeformation capacity. Liquid elastomer seal life for 15-20 years. This type of sealant with highadhesive shear strength at room temperature andhas good flexibility. Its disadvantages for highprices usually need two-component adhesivesealant mixed inconvenient curing temperatureand humidity-sensitive, and so on.

Hot melt sealant: hot melt sealant, also known as hot type sealant for construction is withThermoplastic Elastomer resin blends as basematerial for sealant. Hot melt sealant mixtureproperties close to elastic sealant liquid butit is superior to liquid elastomer sealing isnot necessary to include vulcanizing agent

Liquid sealant: this type of seal is mainly used for mechanical seal in place of a solidcombination sealing materials and Vulcanizedpaper, asbestos, Cork to prevent internal fluidsfrom leaking liquid sealant, also known asliquid combination washer

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