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Sealant Polyurethane SealantProduct Description:


polyurethane sealant forhigh strength and high modulus, bonding andtypes of polyurethane multi-purpose sealant,single-component, room temperature and humidityair-curing, high solid content, good weather resistance, good flexibility, and cured in thecuring process does not produce any harmfulsubstances, no pollution to the substrate.Strong surface can be painted, many paints andcoatings can be coated on the surface.

Product application:

Can be used for auto repair market in thewindshield of a vehicle, bonded side windowglass, cold storage compartment, glass curtain wall welded joints;

Can be used for the bodywork seam sealing, glasssealing, envelope sealing and other General gapseal.

Can be used in containers, vans, trailers ofseam sealing, bonding between steel andaluminum.

Visible part can be used for all kinds ofvehicle body and sealing joints such as skirt,trunk lid, bottom of the car roof, air conditioning, etc.

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