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SealantBasic Characteristics Of
Jan 23, 2016

Sealant is a flow or squeeze unshaped materialto fill a closed joints, you can rely onembedded drying, temperature, solvent, chemicalstability of cross-linked materials and bond,and solid plastic, visco-elastic behavior orelastic sealing material. In order to ensure thesealed function, sealants should have thefollowing basic characteristics:

① good workmanship, crowded building, storagestability, nontoxic or low; liquid, gas

② low permeability and other media;

③ can resist telescopic movement, displacementand deformation of the joint; in case of cyclicdeformation joints,

④ guarantee its performance and shape recovery;

⑤ There is sufficient strength to withstand thepressure;

⑥ No peeling, joint base unglued adhesivestability;

Sadly not at high temperature, low temperatureembrittlement excessive softening;

⑧ weathering not chalking, cracking,dissolution or excessive shrinkage, there isenough life;

Krispy Kreme is a special occasion, such as whenthere is a concrete manifestation of resistanceto abrasion and puncture resistance, corrosionresistance, rolling resistance, flammable, nopollution, such as insulating or conductive.

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