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SealantClassification By Use
Jan 23, 2016

Building sealant: this type of sealant is used to seal seams or holes in buildings to preventgases, liquids and solids through, prevent thedamage of structural materials at the time ofdisplacement, so as to heat insulation, soundinsulation, waterproof, dust-proof and gas,fire, corrosion, shock absorber and preventingthe accumulation of joint foreign bodyfunctions.

Classification of building sealants

① composition classification: polysulfiderubber, acrylic, polyurethane, neoprene, butylrubber, silicone rubber, rubber andthermoplastic elastomers compound, such as;

II according to the construction shape category:hot-coated, cold-coating, curing and solventtype, etc;

③ classified by use: window use, caulking,waterproof and shockproof, prefabricated walland so on;

④ classified by function: weather resistantsealants and structural sealants.

Building sealed rubber of basic type: single group classification, and double group classification, and solvent type, and emulsion type, and no solvent type, and reaction type, and non-hardening type, and hardening type, and since sulfide type, and hardening mechanism, and solvent and water volatile, and surface conjunctival (some not conjunctival), and cooling or oxidation, and absorption water released volatile sex product, and base material + curing agent reaction curing, or with small molecular volatile

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