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SealantConstruction Method Of Editing


Electrical insulating sealant (potting): in order to ensure electric motor, electricalcomponents and mechanical strength and stableand reliable performance, needs betweenconductors, insulation sealing the cracks andleads in exports. Insulating sealant is currently based on epoxy resin, phenolic resin,silicone resins and unsaturated polyester resinsare the most commonly used, mainly for windingcoils, capacitors, resistors, transformers, andSemiconductor components.

Package sealing: sealing is important part ofthe package. Seal will directly influence theeffect of packaging, packaging storage andlongevity, even affecting the reputation of thepackaging. According to the form and use of sealmaterial can be broadly divided into 3categories: gasket seals, tape seal and gelseal. They were able to prevent liquid leakage,oxygen, moisture, odor barrier to enter, thepurpose of anti-counterfeiting, shoddy products.Security seal is a packaging seal technology isbooming in recent years. It is usually sealedwith a hot melt adhesive or adhesive tapesealing and packaging once the dismantlingcannot be rehabilitated, which prevents fake or substandard products, the protection of consumerinterests.

1 clean, repair parts, remove grease, dust;

2, set width of the joint, put masking tape,ensuring smooth in appearance afterconstruction;

3, smooth squeezing glue gun, at a 45 degreeangle construction, to glue sealing the gap;

4, down sizing, with steel ball Rod colloidsurface modified trowel, removing excess gel;

5, carefully remove the masking tape, gel not totouch in the early cure for 3 hours ago;

6, day gel is cured completely.

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