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Sealing (home Sealing) Edit
Jan 23, 2016

Sealants (sealant/sealing glue) is a guidelinewith the sealing surface shape and deformation,easy flowing, a certain bonding of sealingmaterial. Is used to populate the configurationspace, to play a role in sealing adhesive. Aleak-proof, waterproof, vibration-proof andsoundproofing, thermal insulation and so on.

Usually asphalt, natural resins or resin,natural rubber or synthetic rubber, dry or non-drying viscous material as the base material,combined with talcum powder, clay, carbon black,titanium dioxide and inert fillers such asasbestos, adding plasticizers, solvents, curing agents, accelerators make.

Can be divided into elastic sealant, liquidgaskets and sealing PuTTY for three categories.

Widely used in construction, transportation,electronic instruments and parts of the seal.

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