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Specification For The Use Of Insulating Glass Hot Melt Butyl
Aug 18, 2016

Insulating Glass Hot Melt Butyl is a two-component polyurethane sealant and two-component poly polysulfide sealant and two-component silicone sealant, hollow glass hot melt adhesive hollow glass the first seal will glue production. Insulating Glass Hot Melt Butyl rubber with different sizes and sizes of Insulating Glass Hot Melt Butyl glue coating machine.

Insulating Glass Hot Melt Butyl 

Attention should be paid when making hollow glass with Insulating Glass Hot Melt Butyl glue:

1, the hollow glass aluminum partition clean and spare.

2, the hot melt butyl sealant into the extruder cylinder preheating to 130-140 DEG C, the thermostat to maintain constant temperature, play rubber strip check uniform continuous line, the glue coated hollow glass aluminum spacer strip groove on, slightly cool and clean the glass pressure synthesis of hollow glass semi-finished products.

3, to finish externalists sealant and after curing for hollow glass products.

4, with the import of rapid sizing machine production, the plastic tube temperature should be adjusted 10-15 degrees Celsius, and the extrusion pressure from 150Mpa to 170-200Mpa, playing the tape is uniform.

Note: the use of butyl hot melt sealant to clean, clean the surface of the rubber, the surface do not stick with dirt, oil and solvents (such as acetone, gasoline, etc.) can not wear off the hair of gloves, apply to the operation. Contact with hot glue when burned, contact with the rubber gloves should be clean and free of burrs or other pollutants easy to stick on the glue. Butyl hot melt sealant to control at 160 degrees Celsius below, is strictly prohibited in more than 170 degrees Celsius, so as to avoid plastic aging decomposition.

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