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The 3rd Session Presentation Of Kejian Salesmen And Quarterly Meeting
May 31, 2017

The 3rd session presentation of Kejian salesmen and quarterly meeting

【 News in brief 1 】

The 3rd session presentation of Kejian salesmen

The 3rd session presentation of Kejian salesmen

In order to improve the salesman's speech and eloquence ability, and enhance the professional quality, marketing department holds the 3rd session of sales staff presentation to make the new strength more integrated into the family. Recently, Kejian salesman's presentation competition was successfully held.

On the afternoon of May 13, the competition was officially opened in Shanghai. In the competition, the salesman made their own presentations, according to their respective strengths. During the competition, the salesman people gave speech in the order of the pre-match lottery. At the end of the speech, there was a rating for the salesman. General Manager haitao Wu, sales manager zhenping Hu, foreign trade manager xuesong Chen and other people made on-the-spot comments on the powerpoint, and presentation of the salesman. Therefore, it is possible for salespeople to find out their talents and potentials.

Kejian salesmen in  automotive

Wu haitao, the general manager, summed up the competition after the whole process. Subsequently, the winners are awarded honorary certificates respectively, by general manager haitao Wu, sales manager zhenping Hu, and foreign trade manager xuesong Chen. The purpose is to encourage the staff to make progress together. There are nine salesmen came to the stage in the speech for the whole afternoon. And this not only mobilizes the salesman's speech, but also promotes the communication of excellent sales experience. Ke jian will continue to organize the salesman's speech competition and improve their eloquence ability.

The successful close of first quarter sales meeting .jpg

【 News in brief 2 】

The first quarter sales meeting was brought to a successful close.

-- Inspire confidence and fight for a new journey

On May 14, the first quarter sales summary meeting of Kejian Holding held on time.

General Manager of Kejian Holding hai-tao Wu, sales manager zhenping Hu, foreign trade manager xuesong Chen, district business directors, sales elites, customer service and marketing department attended the meeting.

The first quarter sales meeting

The meeting was officially opened at 9 am, presided by xing-bo Wang, a sales engineer. Sales manager zhenping Hu analyzed sales in the first quarter of 2017. He pointed out that first-quarter results are 60% higher than last year and the bright spots and shortcomings of the work. In the second quarter, we put forward the focus of the sales recovery. At the same time, he proposed the core of the business: one depends on the reliable person. And the other is the network of relationship. In addition, sense of business achievement and sense of business purpose are also important. The Marketing Department should constantly improve the ability of network marketing and design work. Then, the sales elite reported the first quarter sales and the plan of second quarter.

Kejian salesmen in construction

Wu listened to the meeting report of district business directors and sales elites. Then, he made a record of the problems and shortcomings of each sales elite, and gave instructions accordingly. After the meeting, Wu summarized that made fully affirmed in sales completion of the first quarter and put forward four points of district business directors and sales elites: one is to require all personnel active work; Second, sales people should pay attention to the sales of contacts. Three is the pursuit of excellence and lifelong learning. Fourth, we should emphasize that all personnel should have innovative thinking.

Although the target was overfulfilled in the first quarter, it is important to keep the crisis consciousness. With opportunities and challenges coexist, hopes and difficulties are with us. We hope that every sales elite will follow the steps forward, and develop together with Kejian! Roll up your sleeves to work harder and cheer up!


work harder and cheer up

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