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The Reason And Solution Of Car Leaking
Aug 11, 2016

The 2016 summer rainy disaster, the storm hit at anytime, our vehicles are bound to accept the rain erosion test, if the car leaks, cars will be very wet, but also easy to mold, the following will introduce leaking reasons and solutions.

1, the windshield of the installation of plastic tape or windshield is not serious. It is important to choose a anti ageing, high strength glass glue, professional glue is also very important, windscreen sealing strip in easy to dirt, so timely cleaning is also very important.

2, the door and seal contact is not good, the door deformation and sealing strip quality have some problems. Door around the mosaic of waterproof easy deviation, if the rainwater from entering the car, please check the waterproof strip; bonding occurs loosening of waterproof, butyl sealant to stick receive, restoration of sealing performance, so that it will not rain, the car also please pay attention to waterproof aging.

3,There are some problems in the seal of the rear view mirror and the door of the car.

4, the roof is not tight seal (Note: the roof of the storm water diversion pipe may be blocked). There are two kinds of water leakage in general, one, the roof drainage channel has a number of small sand, dust led to its blockage, two, the roof seal of a "set off" shift. So owners in peacetime should be cleaned regularly skylights to keep clean around the drainage groove, also owners also do not forget in usually when the car wash, car wash workers with special equipment for high pressure jet alignment drainage pipeline direction jet, blow out as much as possible pipeline in the dirt.

5, the body was replaced with sheet metal, welding hole. If the welding method used in the process of sheet metal processing is improper, it is possible to greatly affect the strength of the body, resulting in erosion.

6, the general rain from above, but also from the bottom of the counter current, the reason is that the bottom of the rubber plug off. There are several holes on the base plate, the glue is embedded from the above, the deviation from the rear, the car and the ground into a direct link state, the rain water infiltration from underneath. If the floor is wet, the first should be suspected here.

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