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The Second Quarter's Work Summary In 2017, Sales Department, Kejian Holding
Aug 08, 2017

The second quarter's work summary in 2017, Sales Department, Kejian Holding

Don't lose original intention, move ahead industriously

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On July 23rd, it was the first day of this meeting, all the leaders and top sales got together in Shanghai to convoke The second quarter’s work summary in 2017.

For Kejian Holding, every quarter’s work summary in Shanghai would be a turning point. Our 22 partners all rise together; use the meeting as turning point. We were surprised by our results of past as well as feeling confident because after the turning point we have a more steadfast future.

In the meeting, each top sales reported their performances of their jobs in first half year especially in second quarter. Meanwhile, they put forward open questions and insufficient, also plan and arrange their work in second half year. All the leaders as our chairman Mr. Wu Haitao, our director of home sales, Mr. Hu Zhenping, director of export sales, Mr. Chen Xuesong had a speak in turns. They affirmed the work in first half year; also analyze our branding and customer resource advantage, pointed out the opportunity and challenge explicitly from aspects of management, operation, corporation’s physical truth. Besides, they reiterate the job aim, general requirement and key emphasis in work in the second half year, firm employees’ confidence and determination in Kejian Holding to finish our annual job aim.  



The meeting underline that, though we get a perfect result in the second quarter, we also need self-examination. Continuous renewal our acknowledge, improve ourselves. Further emphasizes, everyone need to have our own thought and mentality, firm confidence, forge ahead and pay more attention to develop quality, speed and ability of sales. Lay the foundation of finishing every aims and tasks yearly.Each periodical transition can make us have a clearer target, push Kejian Holding going forward with the most comfortable status and usher in new surprises and harvest. We need to keep original intention in each transition, to do all one can to catch opportunity; we need to go hand in hand, to move towards the epochal legend together.

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