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Two Days Tour Of Kejian In Deqing

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Two Days Tour of Kejian in Deqing

--A carnival of the staff

You can either travel or read, but either your body or soul must be on the way.

In the same place for a long time, people are easy to lose the sensitivity that they should be, and the mind is also inevitable numbness. Therefore, the meaning of travel may be in this. Life looks like section of journeys, and what cares about is not the destination, but scenery along the way as well as the mood when you look at the scenery. Also, life is not only muddled on the present, but also poems (eat) and distant (play), with like-minded friends.

Recently, in order to enhance the sense of team awareness of staff, Kejian organized a "Deqing tour" activity, so that employees relax in the spare time.

Finally, we set foot on the bus bound for Deqing, began a two day tour of deqing. After 1.5 hours, we arrived in Deqing. On the way, we laught, at this time we are particularly relaxed. From all aspects, we can feel the welfare that Kejian brings to everyone.





The new town that refers in the poetry is Deqing. And Baidu says that it is the origin of the largest wharf and important commercial port on the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Established 1200 years, it has been prosperous since ancient times, with a simple atmosphere and rich ancient culture.


Xiazhu Lake

After visiting the new town, we go to the Xiazhu Lake in the afternoon.

The water area of the lake is only 3.4 square kilometers, and there are more than 600 large and small pier Island which are scattered in the area for 36.5 square kilometers. We visit the central lake and the three main islands by water. We take a boat to the wetland maze, Bai Luzhou, and Taohua Island. We can feel the boundless cozy of "In the north and south of the humble cottage, and the gulls are flocked every day, with gentle river"; the carefree and content of "Egrets fly freely in the front of Xisai mountain, and the fat mandarin fish cheerfully swim in the river, with peach flowers" and the natural revelation of “When showers fall at dusk, the river overflows; a lonely boat athwart the ferry floats at ease".



Mogan Mountain

The next day is more toilsome compared with the first day, so we got up early in the morning. And we boarded on the bus on the 286 curved mountain road of Mogan Mountain. Moving to the next place, we can't help thinking“There is no rain, but verdant landscape is thick enough to wet the clothes". Climbing to the top of the mountain and overlooking the mountains, "picking a chrysanthemum under the eastern fence and looking up, then we saw the south hillside. It is beautiful.” the sense of open and clear is arisen. Seeing Moye concentrates on making the sword, we are appeared the expectation of the sword, as“grinding sword for ten years, but gleaming blade has not used.”





Happy time is always too fast, and it is time to return. We left our footprints and laughter in Deqing.

The Deqing tour not only enriches our leisure life, but also makes the family more harmonious. And let us feel the warmth and love of Kejian, so as to enhance our cohesion well, and our team spirits are fully demonstrated. Finally, everyone devotes into work with higher enthusiasm!

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