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Vacuum Bag Film,vacuum Bagging Film
Sep 28, 2016

The vacuum bag film is a kind of copolymer film, which has high strength and high elongation. It is a kind of auxiliary material for curing forming of composite component. Its function is to form a vacuum system, can be directly contact resin, mainly used for composite materials at room temperature molding, vacuum guide and pre compaction, widely used in aviation, wind energy, shipbuilding industry and the tank molding.

vacuum bag film

Vacuum bagging film can provide good coverage, and in the use of temperature. The vacuum bag film is the most outer layer of the vacuum packaging system, and the vacuum bag film is coated with the component blank and various process auxiliary materials in a vacuum system.

Vacuum bag film is usually made of nylon -6 or nylon -66 by blow molding or plastic molding, the thickness of 65 m, 50 m, the vacuum bag elongation of not less than 400%. Its storage period is generally one year. Vacuum bag for vacuum bag film film of this material is about 400 DEG C usually consists of fluorine rubber or silicon rubber roll which can be used repeatedly.

With the fan blade of growing market for vacuum assisted material demand, leader in the field of Chinese vacuum auxiliary materials Shanghai Branch Group successfully launched a special blade vacuum assisted TOPBEST series vacuum bag film, it is a kind of polyamide copolymer film, the width of up to 14 m, the tensile strength of diameter: >35MPA and the weft tensile strength: >40MPA, radial elongation: >300%, weft elongation rate: >350%. The thickness of 65 m, 50 m, high strength, elongation, has good mechanical properties, vacuum curing for vacuum auxiliary.

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