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butyl tape vacuum bagging

  • Butyl Tape For Metal Roofs

    Contact NowButyl Tape For Metal RoofsKejian is a Professional Manufacturer of Butyl Tape for metal roofs in China.It is made of high-quality butyl rubber used for roof sealing and waterproofing. Weather resistant>20 years. Quality guarantee period as long as 5 years.Welcome to check us for more details.Read More

  • Butyl Sealant Tape Metal Roofing

    Contact NowButyl Sealant Tape Metal RoofingButyl sealant tape metal roofing is mainly made of butyl rubber(PIBI),and it gives best performance on corrosion resistance, UV resistance, oxide resistance; it is used for water-proof,sealing,low temperature adaption. Main application fields (1) Steel construction, sun panel,...Read More

  • Butyl Sealant

    Contact NowButyl Sealant1、Description Butyl sealant is a neutral sealant compose of single butyl rubber with excellent properties of anti-aging,corrosion,oxidation, water resistance, tightness; wide range stretch of deformation and crack especially under low temperature circumstance. 2 Application Scope: Applies to all...Read More

  • Aluminum Flashing Tape

    Contact NowAluminum Flashing Tape1.Description Aluminum Flashing tape is a butyl sealant tape with colorful aluminum and has excellent weather resistance, widely used in decorative waterproof roof. The aluminum of the surface is nice looking,easy to install. The back butyl rubber is non-solidation, permanently flexible....Read More

  • Butyl Tape For Automotive

    Contact NowButyl Tape For AutomotiveKEJIAN is a Professional Manufacturer of Butyl Tape for Automotive. Butyl tape is made of high-quality butyl rubber and is widely used in various automotive parts. The products comply with the requirements of emission standards for automotive materials and components. It can work as sealing, sound damping,shock absorbing and protecting etcRead More

  • Aluminum Foil Side Butyl Waterproof Adhesive Tape

    Contact NowAluminum Foil Side Butyl Waterproof Adhesive TapeSingle-sided waterproof tape is mainly made of butyl rubber, by adding other additives, through advanced processing technology. And we research out this kind of life-long water-proof self-adhesive tape. Also it can strongly bond to a variety of materials' surfaces, and shows best performance on...Read More

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