• Vacuum Bagging Composite Film

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    Vacuum Bagging Composite Film

    1. Description Vaccum bagging film is heat-stabilized, and co-extruded film which is modified from nylon resin. And they are widely used in wind power, ship-building industry and the forming of tank. 2. PropertyRead More

  • Car soundproof material

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    Car soundproof material

    1.Car soundproof material is made of rubber and not flake adhesive material. It is applicable to commercial vehicle for noise reduction. Non-toxic, odorless and non corrosive, it meets the Emission Test and Requirement for the Materials and Components in Vehicle, with good...Read More

  • Vacuum Bagging Film

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    Vacuum Bagging Film

    Vaccum bagging film is heat-stabilized,co-extruded film modified from nylon resin,they are widely used in wind power, ship-building industry and the forming of tank.Read More

  • Caulk strip

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    Caulk strip

    Caulk strip is a non-solidation self-adhesive sealing strip with a formulation of high quality rubber, plasticiser and etc. The strip is suitable in many areas such as sealing with stones, sealing with ceramic tile. It is expandable, flexible, and easy to adapt to...Read More

  • Rolled EPDM Rubber Roofing Membrane

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    Rolled EPDM Rubber Roofing Membrane

    Rolled EPDM rubber roofing membrane is made of EPDM rubber. And it has the best performance among polymer waterproof materials. It also has a special performance that it will not separate and crack in regular building movement. Also,EPDM has excellent performance on weather...Read More

  • Flexible Alum Flashing Self-adhesive Butyl Tape

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    Flexible Alum Flashing Self-adhesive Butyl Tape

    Flexible Alum Flashing Self-adhesive butyl tape has excellent weather resistance, and widely used in decorative waterproof roof. The aluminum of the surface is nice looking,and easy to be installed. The back butyl rubber is non-solidation, and permanently flexible with...Read More

  • Butyl Sealant Tape Metal Roofing

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    Butyl Sealant Tape Metal Roofing

    Butyl sealant tape metal roofing is mainly made of butyl rubber(PIBI),and it gives best performance on corrosion resistance, UV resistance, oxide resistance; it is used for water-proof,sealing,low temperature adaption. Main application fields (1) Steel construction, sun...Read More

  • Butyl Strip Caulk For Car

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    Butyl Strip Caulk For Car

    Butyl tape is permanently non-solidation,and shows good performance on weather resistance and waterproofing.It is no flowing under high temperature,and no cracking under low temperature.And it can be used for damping and protecting the application area. There are 669, 664,...Read More

  • Nylon Peel Ply

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    Nylon Peel Ply

    Peel ply is a plain weave nylon fabric with red trace line, under scoured and heatset process. The surface is very clean and the fabric is very strong which gives perfect release property. The fabric can be coated also, and it is mainly applicated in carbon fiber and glass...Read More

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